27. Norwegian. Appreciator of aesthetically pleasing people.
Things you may expect to see on my blog: Supernatural, Star Trek, Avengers, Deadpool, pretty people, British humour, queer stuff, fluffy animals, morbid stuff, classic cars, pin-ups. Some NSFW/erotic stuff may end up here, but I'll try to keep most of it contained on my other blog, marblesfantasies.
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Friendly reminder that for the SPN season five premier, luciferiscoming trended worldwide, and P. Diddy freaked the fuck out and thought Satanists were coming onto Twitter, so he got the tag banned and trended godishere in response.

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Baby Richard is a beautiful thing oh my word.

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you’re hired

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"no homo" the teenage boy whispers as he pulls away from kissing his friend. he gently strokes the other males face "full bi" he adds in a sensuous tone.

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celeryaneffigy replied to your post “Jfc I’m so in denial about my master’s thesis right now. Deadline?…”

-wraps in blankets- idk what that’s going to accomplish, it just seemed like a good idea

Well, at least now I’m all cozy and in denial! Which is better than just being in denial.

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hey man I haven’t heard anything from Beethoven in a while is he on hiatus or something

beethoven hasnt heard anything in a while either

Too soon


He’s decomposing 

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Jfc I’m so in denial about my master’s thesis right now. Deadline? What deadline?

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If I ever like your sad post

It is support

I am not enjoying your tears

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a interesting plot with 6th grade writing


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