27. Norwegian.
Things you may expect to see on my blog: Supernatural, Star Trek, Avengers, Deadpool, queer stuff, fluffy animals, classic cars.
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husban nd wife then the babies

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Eat a peach

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"And just what the hell am I supposed to do with these?"

"I requested minions of darkness, and you gave my fluffy jellybeans."


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we all remember the first time we came across a smut fic


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“Let’s hide from our dialogue in this elevator.”

4 Ways the 50 Shades of Grey Film Is Worse Than You Expect

#4. The Writing Is Terrible (Both the Script and the Source Novel)

You’d think most actors would be familiar with the amount of risque belly slapping in the book, but there’s no shortage of people reading the script and bursting into fits of shocked laughter. There’s a rumor that Charlie Hunnam, who was originally cast in the lead role, dropped out because he didn’t like the script, and he starred in last year’s Pacific Rim, which contained a character named Stacker Pentecost and a man with golden shoes. Actress Chloe Bridges, star of the Sex and the City spinoff The Carrie Diaries, read the three pages she was given for her audition and immediately said, “I really can’t do this.”

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"You can’t just change the race of cultural icons like Captain America! It’s an important part of their identity and message!"

Jesus: Ah yes.

Jesus: Can’t imagine who would do that.

Jesus: What a shame.

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sometimes i actually go on facebook and then

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