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Erik: Look how funny those metallic imbeciles under my care!

Charles: Well done Erik!

That expression of Prof. X’s is totally priceless.

Team Badass ^^

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Split Personality by Glenn Jones

Artist: website / Twitter  / Facebook / Flickr

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Now fandom, take a look at that!

I’m pretty sure I was the only one of those I went with that noticed…

No, my friend, you were not the only one who noticed. There was a red one too, did you see? :P I was actually thinking about a crossover opening here…

And a white one, although they just barely showed it in one scene! :)

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The Star Scream by Timothy Lim

Comments: “No one really knows the meaning behind this expressionist painting, though some hints in the brushwork suggest that the artist is meaning to convey the profound anguish that a robot feels as irony shoots it in the face while a demonic god-robot / planet looks on”.

Artist: deviantart / daportfolio

This. Is. Brilliant.

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Leonard Nimoy joins Transformers Dark Of The Moon

As if the signs for Michael Bay’s third Transformers weren’t already pretty good, word comes today that the threequel’s just landed sci-fi icon Leonard Nemoy.

Nimoy has signed up to lend his inimitably grave tones to the character of Sentinel Prime, the predecessor of everybody’s favourite Autobot Optimus Prime.

Sentinel was glimpsed in Transformers 3’s initial teaser trailer as a hunk of wreckage found on the dark side of the moon.

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